You were the mystery novel I chose from the bookshelf to get lost in for a spell. Your cover promised intrigue, and, like every good crime, a puzzle to be solved; clues scattered through, sinister suspects like ghosts flitting in and out of your pages, pretending to be the answer.

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How To Convince People They're Wrong in 2017: A Beginner's Guide to Discourse & Disagreement

We live in a time of stark political upheaval, in an age marked by our ability to communicate with more people than ever, in more ways than ever, thanks to our portable datastreams and the serpentine tendrils of social networking. This relatively-new endlessness of interaction raises some serious questions, questions like, “can you be ‘off fleek’?” and “what makes a meme truly ‘dank’?” and “how do I exercise my God-given right to convince people who are wrong that they're wrong?” 

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